And So I’m Back

The last time I was here, I was the unemployed college graduate who was extremely depressed and disappointed as I thought I knew exactly how I’m gonna face the so-called reality. Now, shortly after, I have become the giddy working girl who has the same old story of ending up where I least expected myself to be in. I still haven’t found the ultimate formula of knowing where to go and what to do but I’m getting there, I think.

I am consciously aware that a lot of things have changed over the past few months. I’ve made a lot of friends with my 5-month old job, learned new skills and made a bunch of new and crazy memories.

I’ve been into situations I’d usually judge people before for getting involved in. I had my heart broken, fell back in love in such a short time and is currently somewhere between that two. I crossed out a couple of items off my bucket list, one of which is passing out in a bar due to alcohol intoxication. I even did it twice and well, that was really SOMETHING for somebody who wouldn’t even take a sip. I started doing things I’ve never done before. I managed to get myself out of a terrible situation, faced the consequences of really bad decisions I’ve made before and basically started handling things and making decisions on my own.

My greatest achievements used to be scoring high in an exam I didn’t review for. Not that it’s not worth getting proud of but I think gradually, I’m staring to have real life achievements and that I can say that I’m proud of who and what I’ve become.

I’m back. And it’s a better and a more positive version of me.




You know who you are :'(


Of Short-lived Friendships.

I was never good in saying goodbyes. But recently, I started working in an environment where people come and go, where I get to meet all sorts of people I never would have the chance otherwise, but for only a limited time.

And slowly, I’m starting to accept that this job is primarily characterized by short-lived friendships. The other night, for the first time in my life, I was in tears right in front of the people I’ve known for barely 3 weeks. It’s because my favorite guest, who I got to talk to everyday for 2 weeks straight which is more than the time I spent with any other colleague or guest had to leave. It makes me sad every time I go to work knowing that some of the people I met there only a few days ago have already flown somewhere thousand miles away.

So basically, every week, I get to make new friends only to bid them goodbye sooner or later. If this is a skills training on how to not get too attached to people I meet, I won’t pass for sure.

I’m going to see them again in a few months time anyway. Some of them at least. I hope so.

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Not Even Good Enough

I hate myself so much right now because of my lack of confidence in my own abilities. When I was eleven years old, my cousins and I attended a swimming class. I was almost as good as them but come floating lessons, I was asked to separate from the group because I couldn’t make it. I was so afraid that if I straighten my back and arch my lower back a little that I would actually drown and not float and so, a one-on-one session with my coach was called for. I’ve never forgotten the embarrassment I felt that day and I pitied myself for not being able to learn at the same pace as others. When I was in elementary, we had volleyball for our P.E. classes and as I was and still am so paranoid that the ball is always on the direction of my face, I had to pair up with my teacher just so I can get through with the practicals while everybody’s out there, enjoying and having a good time.

Similar experiences have happened where my fear overwhelms me that I couldn’t even bring myself to try. And during the times that I’d actually give it a hand, I get the feeling that my best was apparently still not as good enough as the others. In the event that I’d actually make it to rise to the top, I just shrug it off as luck being at my side and not actually because of my own doings.

I think I am going to be my own downfall.



What I Ate Abroad

It was my first time to celebrate the holidays abroad. Christmas in Macau (yes, Macau again) and New Year’s in Hong Kong. Along with the different cultures, people and places comes the food. I cannot say more how much I love eating and how much I love tasting different kinds. Although basically, I was still in asia and some flavors are similar, there were still some dishes to be discovered.

It’s a pity though that I didnt get to take note of where I ate these and its price but anyway, I remember very well how good they tasted.

Plane food.

Japanese beef something. Hahaha. Eaten at Cotai Strip’s mall foodcourt. What amazes me always is how big their servings are for only one person and how much all those thin Chinese women get to eat all of it. I can eat up to 4 cups of rice but I surrendered to this one and managed to eat only half of it. And it’s “good for 1” only!

Beef noodle soup. Your best bet when you don’t know what to order or when you’re not so adventurous when it comes to eating.

Street food! Tastes so much better with their curry sauce. I get lucky once in a while because some stalls offer not so spicy ones.

Korean beef I also ate in Cotai’s foodcourt. And I swear the beef never seems to run out. I shared this with my sister and my cousin and still didnt manage to eat all the beef. Considering it’s taste and quantity, we think this one is extremely underpriced.

Street food again!

Eaten at The Spaghetti House. This one was extremely good!!! Baked rice is love!

Seafood risotto also in The Spaghetti House. Tastes so-so.

We just can’t get enough. Mehehe.

Chicken Biryani in Venetian Macau’s foodcourt. This is probably the BEST I’ve eaten in Macau and I long for it until now. Sadly, no restaurant here in Manila can seem to have the same quality. The yogurt when mixed with the rice is absolutely so goooood. This was my dinner in my last 2 nights in Macau and I miss it soo much. :(

First meal in HK! The katsudon and soup were both good while I didn’t like the takoyaki balls. I prefer Manila’s fastfood version.

Thai Glutinous black rice with mango for dessert. Nomnomnom.

Spareribs rice in Mongkok. I cannot, once again, explain how good this dish was. The hot pot stays hot even after youve finished your meal that the rice gets burned if you dont mix it every now and then. One of the restaurants I’d love to come back to.

Baked curry rice in a restaurant near Tsim Tsai Tsui train station. I cannot imagine how a baked rice cannot taste good. Ughh why dont we have quality and inexpensive dishes like this in Manila?

Mcdonald’s ceasar salad and New York cheesecake. Tastes ordinary.

Disneyland’s food. Tastes so-so.

Squid ink baked risotto also from The Spaghetti House! Five stars for this one!!

Ocean Park’s Chicken Curry I think. I dont remember the exact names but basically that’s it. Hahaha. Ocean Park’s food is so much better than Disneyland’s.

Wanton noodles in Times Square’s Crystal Jade. Tastes ordinary but okay for its price.

Katsudon I ate in HK’s airport. One of the best katsudons I’ve eaten in my life.

Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie

Plane food on the way back to Manila.

Because instagramming all of these would definitely flood the timeline of my followers, I’ve decided to put them here instead. Follow me on Instagram by the way: @cathyespiritu :)

Will be posting more entries related to this trip soon! I know that I don’t have enough words to describe my experiences but I hope my pictures are doing all the talking. :)

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Movies I’ve Watched in 2012

  • 40 Year Old Virgin
  • Argo
  • Atonement
  • Babel
  • Batman: Dark Knight Rises
  • Battle Royale
  • Battleshp
  • Becoming Jane
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Breaking Dawn Part 2
  • Crazy, Stupid Love
  • Enteng ng Ina Mo
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Hunger Games, The
  • Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino
  • Kamera Obskura
  • Katy Perry: Part of Me
  • Kimmy Dora
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
  • Picture Me
  • Prada to Nada
  • Richie Rich
  • Rigodon
  • Secret Affair, A
  • Segunda Mano
  • September Isuue, The
  • Skyfall
  • Snow White and the Huntsman
  • Taken 2
  • The Avengers
  • Totall Recall
  • Vow, The
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Wrath of the Titans

The entry which took me a year to write.

In an effort to make myself watch a wider range of movies, I decided to keep track of all those I’ve watched in 2012. When it comes to watching or reading, I embody the feminine stereotype of having preference of romance / fashion / comedy over adventure / thriller / fantasy. But this year, as you can see, I really tried to watch those belonging in the latter categories. Some I didn’t like but surprisingly, most I did. I’m hoping that this 2013, aside from more variety I’d also be able to double the number.

Also, hopefully, Id be able to finally post here punctually and in regular intervals. Even my supposed year-ender post is late. Anyway, happy 2013! :)


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Getting Sporty

Who would have thought I’d join fun runs / marathons? Hahahaha.

Outbreak Manila – 5km.


Nike Run PH – 10km.


10 km was totally not a joke but I made it! I really must lead a more active lifestyle but how when I’m so lazy even when it comes to writing? Hahaha.

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